How can I book my next appointment?

You can contact DON Barber & Groom to book your next appointment with one of the following options:


You can reach us within the new operating hours which are:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 19:00

Sunday: Closed


What you need to know before visiting DON Barber & Groom?

We would like to inform you that it’s mandatory to use a protective face mask in all DON Barber & Groom areas.

This applies both for our customers and our employees!

Also, before visiting the DON Barber & Groom, make sure that you have booked an appointment before your visit and you must have sent the relevant transfer message with the number 6 to 13033 or with a type B certificate.

From 22/03 the inter-municipal movement is allowed for customers who have made an appointment and who will receive the relevant confirmation message upon request.


6 things we do at DON Barber & Groom to minimize the risk of spreading the virus

As everyone’s Health & Safety is our key priority, we want to comply to all hygiene rules!

  • We maintain a 2 meters Social Distance between our clients
  • Before and after we serve our clients, we wash our hands meticulously
  • We urge our clients to clean their hands with sanitizer upon entering and exiting DON Barber & Groom
  • We use disposable gloves, masks and face shield
  • After we serve our clients we clean and sterilize our tools
  • After we serve our clients we clean our work surfaces, bathers and chairs with dry vapor steam system at 160οC